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It is a word so small
Yet overflows with bitter tears
Words too vile to be spoken
Yet it is a word so distant for some
As far as the Sun and as such
It burns us, leaving us broken

She never thought the day would come,
When such a terrible word would envelop her
Smothering her in its dark lonely cell
A prisonous poisonous jail

She fell in love with the devil
And despite the despised pangs of love
With him she set sail
But his misappropriated affection she was mistaking
For love, as his cruelty left her shaking,
Heart breaking to the sound of thunder,
You burst into her life and thought
That you could just rape her
Again and again and again
As her heart turned blood into vapor
As her existence began to taper
Into a vast expanse of faceless waves
These moments to you fleeting
As her heart slowly kept beating
The pain repeating
I stand here as his mal
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Hidden Away by 0Hoshi-Hime0 Hidden Away :icon0hoshi-hime0:0Hoshi-Hime0 0 0
"Where am I? How did I get here so fast?" I mumbled to myself as I stood at the edge of an overpass, staring down at the dark, brisk water below.
"How long have I been walking..." I must have been too deep in thought to realize where I was headed. It's okay, just retrace your steps. Where do I begin?
My alarm clock screeches, dragging me out of my nightmare and into my real terrors. I roll over and silence it beneath my hands, almost as if I were trying to suffocate it. It's red light merely blinks at me. "Taunting little bastard. It's 4:30 already?" My morning is a blur. Scrubbing teeth, combing hair, all while the sun slumbers. The moments whiz by, landing me at work before I know it.
The sun is still safe in bed as I mundanely set up the small pastry shop. The business is slowly dying, and I've been struggling to find a new work place. It's impossible; who has the time when they're juggling two jobs, school, and practically the world to go job hunting?
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Dreams and Night Mares by 0Hoshi-Hime0 Dreams and Night Mares :icon0hoshi-hime0:0Hoshi-Hime0 3 2
Only a Dream
Your breath quivers as you shut the open book in your grasp, retiring it for the evening.
You watch as your trembling hand reaches for the lamp at your bedside.
Then your surrounded by darkness.
You're afraid it's going to devour you.
The monster.
The darkness.
The void.
Starring into the black wall of nothingness, you begin to feel the poison slither through your body.
Suddenly, you can't stand to lay anymore.
You can't bare feeling so vulnerable.
Sitting up in darkness, arms wrapped around your knees, legs curled up tightly against your body, you begin
to feel it.
The pain.
The empty, dull pang in your core.
It radiates throughout your body, though its source is unknown.
Then it happens.
Your falling.
Falling into the black wall of nothing.
You reach up for help, only to realize your alone.
But as soon as you retract your hand at this, the screeching begins.
No matter how hard you press your palms to your ears,
You hear their screams; their cries for help.
No matter how ti
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Disappearing Frenchy by 0Hoshi-Hime0 Disappearing Frenchy :icon0hoshi-hime0:0Hoshi-Hime0 3 47 Where the faeries are.. by 0Hoshi-Hime0 Where the faeries are.. :icon0hoshi-hime0:0Hoshi-Hime0 2 2 Home by 0Hoshi-Hime0 Home :icon0hoshi-hime0:0Hoshi-Hime0 7 2
Glass Heart
Slipping from your hands
It goes tumbling down,
Falling fast and slow,
Aimed for the cold ground.
In contact it shatters
Into a million deadly pieces
This glass heart of hers
Now, in her pain, ceases.
Every waking day and night,
She sits, and she slaves, and she weeps.
With her fragile hands, sliced by glass,
She reassembles each puzzle piece.
After months of restoring,
She hides it in a tower
Hoping never to be stolen,
Hoping never to be devoured.
Then came a creeping thief,
Concealed by the darkness of night,
Up the stairs and into the tower,
He took the princess, and her glass heart, into the light.
:icon0hoshi-hime0:0Hoshi-Hime0 4 12
Time Lost
There was once a time,
A time for you and I
To be in love and to be happy.
To be fighting the war as one.
You and me, against the world,
When I was yours and you were mine,
And the love was ours.
A time when time was fleeting.
That was our time.
At night I wish to obtain
That ever-unredeemable time.
To conquer time and relive it.
To go back to when I was yours, and you were mine.
Time past, present and future
Combined could not make up for our time.
But now, now my world is sorrowful.
The war we lost in time.
Now you, my love, my enemy,
Have gone to foreign land, away from I.
Your words for me are bitter,
Your love for me has died.
This hate you give brings me to my knees,
Crying, always crying, and asking "why?".
I wish you could see the pain.
The pain that time brings to me.
I wish there were a simpler way
To escape time, and to get away.
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BTW by 0Hoshi-Hime0 BTW :icon0hoshi-hime0:0Hoshi-Hime0 5 23
Last Call
The phone rings
And it's well past midnight.
The conversation's heated
And I hope we don't fight.
But in a moment, maybe one or two,
I'll be wishing you'd apologize
But you're saying that I hurt you
Now I'll be the one to say sorry.
Soon morning's going to break through
The fight that blocks the both of us,
But my eyes are still blocked because
You are the only one I did trust.
Then storms came
With great rain
I knew we would never be the same
But you said we'd be alright.
And I hoped so.
But the thing about hope is
It's just a diseases
That spreads around us
And can only deceive.
My suspicions were right.
It wasn't soon
Before another bad night.
And now I'm fighting to survive.
Where were you
When you said you loved me?
Where were you
When you said we were lucky?
Was I not worth a little fight?
Not worth the trouble
For you to ask me to stay?
Just going to let me walk away?
Well fine.
You live without me.
But, Baby, you'll see.
It's the biggest mistake of your life.
One day, you'll co
:icon0hoshi-hime0:0Hoshi-Hime0 5 4
The Last Goodbye Sent
Convince myself it will be alright.
The world seems dim tonight,
But don't give up the fight.
Try to convince… just try…

Cold metal runs across her skin
She can't breathe; no, she won't.
Maybe it'll be fine if she commits one last sin
And rid the world of her soul.
Run, run, that's all I seem to do
In the face of adversities.
But he needs me too.

Warm liquid stains her skin
Red with pain.
Red with death.
Why couldn't you have stopped it?
Why didn't you try?
Am I not good enough?
Am I not worth it?

Put the gun to your head.
Close your eyes.
Count to three.
Pretend it's your time.
Call death to your door.
Commit the sin
Of a million murders
By pulling the trigger
That's all it took
For me to convince you
I'm not worth your time

"I don't deserve you."
And so my words repeat
"I know."
And so his words sting
I feel so far
Like a night star
Or half of the moon
Wishing for you

A wish that cannot come true
:icon0hoshi-hime0:0Hoshi-Hime0 5 12
Black Out
I can feel it in my chest
Beating harder trying to break free
Of the confinements they've set.
I convince myself that the pain is good
As I lay awake sinking in thought
Of what I have done and what I should do.
I can feel it in my lungs.
The cold constricting my airway,
Making it more difficult to breathe.
I gasp for more air as the
Oxygen inside of me lessens
And the world slowly fades to black.
When I wake I know the pain will
Remain in me, but for now,
I'll let myself drown in a sea of darkness.
:icon0hoshi-hime0:0Hoshi-Hime0 6 9
Handwriting Meme by 0Hoshi-Hime0 Handwriting Meme :icon0hoshi-hime0:0Hoshi-Hime0 4 14 Let's Sleep Now by 0Hoshi-Hime0 Let's Sleep Now :icon0hoshi-hime0:0Hoshi-Hime0 5 50
<3 For love <3


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awesome people make awesome things. who woulda guessed?


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I told someone I had Microsoft Word 2007 when I really have 2010 TT-TT

Just kidding. But seriously guys, seriously, I have something important to say.

not really


So last night I was thinking about how depressingly lonely my life is . No wait, don't leave I swear this isn't a sob story . So anyways, I was just simply noticing how there was an empty pocket in my heart. So I thought to myself: what am I missing? Then it hit me like lightening. I'm missing my online family. My internet brothers and sisters, the people that helped me through the toughest years of my life. They were missing! You! Now, then I thought, "Well, shoot, approximately 100% of my dA family is no longer on dA". Now, this means that the real folk this is intended for will probably never read this. Some might. Most won't. But that's okay. Back on track, girl, get back . So, if no one I want to read this will read this, mine as well start a new family, right? I thought about it. Maybe I should get a blog. Vlog? Start a show on Youtube? Get hooked on Pinterest? Let's face it, I'm already hooked on Pinterest and it ain't workin' . What works for me? I tried reintegrating this wonderland of a site back into my life, but after being gone for so long... it's rough. Everything is so... different. Change.


amirite> .Then I realized, while sending a message to my old twinny that I miss so dearly, that it isn't this site that has changed so drastically. It was me . That's right, laddies, this old hack is grown the diddly-do up. And it sucks

But, that's life. Life sucks.

It really does. But, oddly enough, I'm okay with it. Why? Because even though almost everyone I know and love has completely left me alone forever and ever , and I feel really lonely, I'm so happy because I am strong

I may, or may not, return to this lovely site with actual pieces of writing, or pictures, or just stories to share, even though I feel like only one person in this whole world will care. One person that totally rocks, though, so it's all good. But whether I do, or don't, I just want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who has helped to shape the person I am. Thank you for giving me the world, then violently ripping it away, then giving it back again. ( wait what ). You guys rock, and even though many of you will never read this, I hope that you are all doing amazingly well in your lives, I miss you all, and I can't wait to continue living this sucky life because it is mine to live .
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